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October 3, 2019

Gearing Up for Helms-Burton Claims: Managing Litigation Risks for Foreign and Domestic Companies Under Revived Cuban Sanctions

This hour-long webinar describes the initiation of the private right of action under the Helms-Burton Act.   It provides an overview of the history of property confiscated by the Cuban government in the wake of the 1959 revolution, and actions the US government took to seek compensation for that confiscated property; an analysis of the act itself; industries that may be potentially affected by litigation brought under Helms-Burton, and; steps parties can take to prepare for any anticipated lawsuits.

Download the presentation materials here.

Webinar Topics [1:00]

  • Introduction
  • Pre-Revolutionary Cuba
  • The Castro Regime Consolidates Assets
  • Cuban Claims Program
  • Helms-Burton Act
  • Title III – Lawsuits
  • Helms-Burton Plaintiffs
  • Defenses Under Helms-Burton
  • Damages – Title III
  • Title IV – Exclusion of Certain
  • Title IV – Trafficking
  • Industries of Concern
  • Preparing for Litigation

Speakers:  William Stellmach and David Mortlock

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Gearing up for Helms-Burton Claims