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September 26, 2019

FCPA Compliance and Enforcement Trends

This hour and twenty-seven minute webinar examines enforcement trends under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as reflected in recent cases and settlements, along with developments in DOJ and SEC policy and guidance.

New York Professional Practice CLE credit:  1

Texas General CLE credit:  1.5

Download the presentation materials here.

Webinar Topics [1:27:44]

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act:  Overview (6 minutes)

Anti-bribery Provisions

Accounting Provisions

Anti-bribery Provisions:  Exceptions and Defenses

  • Other Anti-corruption Laws (3 minutes)
  • Growth of FCPA Enforcement (6 minutes)
  • FCPA Cases in 2019 (19 minutes)
  • Penalties (6 minutes)
  • Internal Controls (6 minutes)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Risks (3 minutes)
  • Recent Developments in Enforcement Policy (18 minutes)
  • Whistleblowers (4 minutes)
  • Coordination with Foreign Counterparts (8 minutes)
  • Privilege Risks Related to Cooperating with Enforcement Authorities (9 minutes)

Speakers:  Robert J. Meyer and Jeffrey D. Clark

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FCPA Compliance and Enforcement Trends