June 27, 2024

Council of the EU sanctions six individuals for supporting the warring factions in Sudan

On June 24, 2024, the Council of the European Union designated six individuals who allegedly supported the ongoing fighting in Sudan between the Sudanese Armed Forces (“SAF”) and the Rapid Support Forces (“RSF”).  The Council designated three individuals who supported the RSF and three who supported the SAF for engaging in actions that undermined the stability and political transition of Sudan.  The designees include a prominent General who commands the RSF’s military force in West Darfur and a former senior official of the Sudanese Central Bank who allegedly became a financial adviser for the RSF.  The SAF-affiliated designees include the Director General of the Defense Industry System (“DIS”), an entity previously designated by the EU, and the Commander of the Sudanese Air Force for their roles in the aerial bombing of densely populated residential areas in Sudan.

The designations were issued pursuant to the Sudan sanctions regime, which subjects listed individuals to asset freezes and travel bans.  The regime also prohibits EU operators from providing funds or economic resources to designated persons.

Council of the EU Press Release | Council Decision (CFSP) 2024/1784 | Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/1783