September 18, 2019

Spanish hydraulic infrastructure company debarred by World Bank

On September 18, 2019, the World Bank announced the one-year debarment of a Spanish company, Aqualia Intech S.A. (AISA), that specializes in the design and construction of hydraulic infrastructure.  According to the World Bank, AISA misrepresented the roles of three companies within a consortium that would execute a World Bank-financed flood control and environmental rehabilitation project on the Bogotá River in Columbia.

The company was debarred from World Bank-financed projects for only one year because of AISA’s “extraordinary cooperation,” which included waiving attorney-client privilege, taking remedial actions, providing the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency with information about misconduct by previous leadership of the company, and accepting responsibility for the misconduct.  As part of the settlement, the company has committed to improving its compliance program to conform with World Bank compliance guidelines.

World Bank press release