November 15, 2019

Guilty verdict in money laundering and kickback scheme

On November 15, 2019, Aleksandr Pikus was convicted in US District Court for the Eastern District of New York on charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering, money laundering, conspiracy to receive and pay health care kickbacks, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.  The conviction followed a two-week trial in which evidence was presented to show that Pikus led a conspiracy that stole tens of millions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid programs.  According to the evidence, Pikus and his co-conspirators operated medical clinics that employed doctors and other medical professionals who submitted $100 million in claims to Medicare and Medicaid, while paying kickbacks to Pikus and others through shell companies.  As alleged, Pikus used the payments to enrich himself, while laundering some through check-cashing businesses. 

Pikus’ is the fifth conviction in the case;  four co-defendants pleaded guilty in 2016, 2017, and September of 2019.  None of the defendants has been sentenced. 

DOJ press release