November 19, 2019

Employee convicted of wire fraud and money laundering after fraudulently rerouting business for personal gain

The US Department of Justice announced that on November 9, 2019, a federal jury in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida found Anthony Michael D’Amico, a sales and marketing director residing in Boca Raton, Florida, guilty of wire fraud and money laundering. Evidence presented at trial showed that for approximately four months beginning in September 2017, D’Amico logged onto the computer system of his employer late at night, and improperly rerouted proprietary information from marketing calls generated by the employer, All Web Leads Inc., to third party companies that paid D’Amico over $1 million for the information.  D’Amico used the proceeds of the scheme to buy a luxury car, among other things.  Sentencing is scheduled for January 2020.

DOJ press release | Indictment