April 21, 2021

EU takes steps to unify ESG reporting

The European Commission has announced the adoption of comprehensive measures to facilitate investment in sustainable activities in the European Union, and ensure the reliability of information about sustainability.  The measures include:

  • A draft EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act, to be formally adopted in May 2021 and subject to a four-month review by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, that describes the economic activities that best contribute to achievement of the EU’s sustainability goals, and introduces technical screening criteria for that purpose;
  • A proposed Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, with the objective of unifying sustainability reporting by companies;
  • Amendments to existing Delegated Acts to ensure that sustainability is included in the procedures and advice given to clients investment and insurance advisors

The European Union, through the European Green Deal, aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050.

European Commission press release