February 22, 2022

Congressional Research Services issues updated report on US Sanctions on Russia

On January 18, 2022, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued an updated report on US Sanctions on Russia in order to provide an overview of the use of sanctions in US foreign policy toward Russia following the consideration of new Russia-related sanctions by the Biden Administration and the US Congress in response to the Russia’s threat of a Ukraine invasion.  The CRS last updated its report on US Sanctions on Russia on January 17, 2020. 

The 2022 report provides a general overview of US sanctions on Russia and the executive orders that were imposed in response to a number of events including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; election interference and other malicious cyber-enabled or intelligence activities; use of chemical weapons including discussions on the poisoning of Seigei Skripal and Alexei Navalny; human rights abuses and corruption; and Russia’s use of Nord Stream 2 as a coercive or political tool.  The report also includes a discussion on Russian countersanctions and, in light of frequent coordination between the EU and US to impose sanctions on Russia, provides a comparison between US and EU sanctions programs.  Finally, the CRS reports on the economic impact of sanctions on Russia and its government finances and provides a forward looking synopsis of possible new sanctions that may be imposed upon Russia by the US and its allies.

US Sanctions on Russia – 2022 | US Sanctions on Russia – 2020