March 7, 2022

European Commission launches whistleblower tool for EU sanctions violations

On March 4, 2022, the European Commission launched a whistleblower tool to enable persons from anywhere in the world to anonymously report past, current or planned EU sanctions violations.  The tool will be managed by the European Commission, which acts as the guardian of EU treaties and is responsible for monitoring the enforcement of EU sanctions throughout the Union.  The Commission also expressed its commitment to protect the identity of any whistleblower who reports a sanction violation.  Whistleblower tips will only be passed along if the Commission determines that a tip is credible, and then an anonymized report will be sent along to the appropriate authorities in the relevant Member State.  The European Commission encourages anyone interested in sharing first-hand information regarding sanctions evasion and circumvention to contact them directly via email at or use the whistleblower tool if they wish to remain anonymous.

European Commission Daily News | European Commission – summary on Restrictive measures (Sanctions)