December 5, 2023

UN Security Council announces decision to end Somalia’s arms embargo

The United Nations Security Council recently announced its decision to lift the arms embargo on Federal Government of Somalia.  The 15-nation Council unanimously adopted resolution 2714 (2023) on December 1, 2023 to end the embargo established in resolution 733 (1992), as amended.  The Council also commended the Somali government for the progress made in area of weapons and ammunition management and recommended that the government not only continue in these efforts but also provide further training and capacity-building for Somali security and police institutions.  The Council, among other things, also requested that the UN’s Mine Action Service assist the Somali government with the implementation of its national strategy and action plan.  The Council also urged the government to take any precautions necessary to ensure that weapons, ammunition and military equipment imported for use by Somali national forces were not made available to individuals or entities not in their service.

UN Security Council Press Release