December 16, 2023

US Treasury releases fact sheet on efforts to combat corruption

In recognition of International Anti-Corruption Day, and in line with the release of the US Strategy on Countering Corruption released two years ago, the Department of the Treasury has released a fact sheet highlighting its ongoing efforts to prevent and disrupt the laundering of corrupt proceeds.  In response to the continued exploitation of vulnerabilities in the US financial system, the Treasury has resolved to redouble its efforts to combat corruption by:

1. Enhancing corporate transparency;
2. Safeguarding the residential real estate sector;
3. Addressing risks in the investment adviser sector, and;
4. Bolstering private sector efforts to combat corruption.

The Treasury also indicated that it will continue to use financial sanctions to hold accountable those involved in corruption, and will focus on strengthening global anti-corruption efforts, including efforts to address corruption issues in bilateral and regional engagements.

US Department of Treasury Press Release