December 8, 2023

World Bank issues 42-month debarments for Multi-Tech Consult (PTY) Ltd. and its managing director

On December 6, 2023, the World Bank announced the 42-month debarments of Multi-Tech Consult (PTY) Ltd. (“MTC”), a civil engineering company based in Botswana, and Peter Lambileki, its Managing Director, for engaging in “fraudulent practices” in connection with submissions made to the World Bank regarding the Improved Rural Connectivity Project in Zambia, the Second Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project, and the Strategic Cities Project in Tanzania (collectively, “the Projects”).  The World Bank reported that MTC and Lambileki submitted three “expressions of interest” that misrepresented MTC’s experience in an effort to obtain contracts under the Projects.  These actions constitute fraudulent practices under the World Bank’s 2011 and 2014 Consultant Guidelines and 2016 Anti-Corruption Guidelines.

According to the World Bank, MTC and Lambileki received reduced periods of debarment for their admission of wrongdoing and voluntary restraint from bidding on World Bank projects.  The World Bank also reported that the parties will be ineligible to participate in World Bank operations and projects throughout the debarment period.  Furthermore, as a condition of release from debarment, Lambileki agreed to receive corporate ethics training, and MTC committed to implementing integrity compliance measures in accordance with the World Bank’s Integrity Compliance Guidelines.  The parties’ affiliates are also required to implement similar integrity compliance measures.  MTC and Lambileki also agreed to continue to fully cooperate with World Bank investigators.

World Bank Press Release