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June 2, 2020

Crisis Risk Management – Key Compliance and Litigation Risks Arising Out of Covid-19 and How to Manage Them

In this one-hour webinar, members of the Willkie Compliance, Investigations & Enforcement Team from London and Washington, DC discuss the key compliance and litigation risks arising out of COVID-19 and how to manage them.

Download the presentation materials here.

Webinar topics include:

  • Moving the needle: re-evaluating risk
  • Adapting compliance programmes now and for the future
  • Evaluating expectations of the Board and Senior Managers
  • Being prepared for and responding to Cybersecurity and Data Breaches
  • Analysing and mitigating commercial and supply chain pressures
  • Understanding and dealing with new and increased fraud risks
  • Handling confidential information and insider trading challenges

Speakers:  Peter Burrell, Jeffrey Clark, Rita Mitchell, Simon Osborn-King, Sarah Wastler, Martin Weinstein

This course is approved for credit in the following states:

NY 1.0 Professional Practice (Transitional)

TX 1.0 Accredited General

CA 1.0 General-Participatory

For CLE credit in New York, Texas, or California, complete this form and submit it here.  For CLE credit in any other state, contact us.


Crisis Risk Management: Key Compliance and Litigation Risks arising from COVID-19