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June 23, 2020

Ransomware: Knowing and Managing Your Risk and Regulatory Obligations

In this hour-long webinar, Willkie attorneys Daniel Alvarez, Elizabeth Bower, and Elizabeth Gray are joined by Jordan Barth, Director of Cyber Security Services at KPMG, in a discussion of the nature of ransomware, the information security programs to put in place, and the regulatory requirements for disclosing cybersecurity risk before an attack.  The presenters also outline best practices to follow after an incident occurs – how to work with forensic investigators, and key considerations for responding to incidents and disclosing details to regulators and consumers.

Download the presentation materials here.  Attendees, please make note of any codes provided during the course of the CLE; you will need to use the code or codes to verify your attendance.

Webinar topics include:

  • The Evolving Face of Ransomware
  • Identifying and Managing Risk – Regulatory Requirements and Your Information Security Program
  • Disclosing Risk – What Regulators Want to Know
  • Working With Forensic Investigators
  • Key Considerations in Responding to an Incident and Disclosing it to Consumers and Regulators

Speakers:  Daniel Alvarez, Jordan Barth, Elizabeth Bower, Elizabeth Gray

This course is approved for credit in the following states:

            CA:  1.0 General-Participatory

            NY:  1.0 Professional Practice (Transitional)

            TX:  1.0 Accredited General

For CLE credit in New York, Texas, or California, complete this form and submit it here.  For CLE credit in any other state, contact us.


Ransomware: Knowing and Managing Your Risk and Regulatory Obligations