Addressing COVID-19 Cybersecurity, Privacy, and IP Risks in the Pharma and Biotech Industries

In this one hour webinar, Willkie attorneys discuss critical cybersecurity and privacy risks to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as the vendors and research organizations that they work with, in the COVID-19 era, including:

  • The importance of synthesizing IP and cybersecurity strategies at each stage of the new drug pipeline and product development lifecycle.
  • The role of cybersecurity and privacy in IP transactions, including collaboration, vendor, and CRO/CMO agreements, as well as M&A and JV transactions.
  • The importance of tailoring comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy programs to organizations’ respective risk profiles.
  • The potential consequences of failing to establish or adequately disclose such programs.
  • Responding to cybersecurity incidents to mitigate legal and business impacts, including those involving the potential theft, destruction, or alteration of critical research data.

Speakers:  Elizabeth P. Gray, Tiffany Lee, Heather M. Schneider, and Philip F. DiSanto

Download the presentation materials here.

This course is approved for credit in:

NY - 1 Professional Practice (Non-transitional)

CA - 1 General-Participatory

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