The UK’s New National Security and Investment Bill – Key points for sell-side and buy-side investors

In this seminar, Willkie partners Philipp Girardet, David Mortlock, Gavin Gordon and Jeffrey Poss provide an overview of the UK's new National Security and Investment Bill, which will have retrospective effect for certain deals, and discuss practical buy-side and sell-side considerations in relation to the new rules.  The presenters also compare the new UK regime with the US foreign investment screening regime administered by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which has expanded during the past year with new legislation and rules issued by the Committee.

For background information, please see our client alert on the new UK regime here and on the CFIUS regime here.

Presenters:  Philipp Girardet, David Mortlock, Jeffrey Poss and Gavin Gordon

Download the presentation here.

Those who attend this non-transitional seminar will be eligible to earn CLE credit in:

                New York  - 1 CLE Professional Practice credit

                California - 1 CLE Participatory General credit

                Texas - 1 CLE Accredited General credit


For CLE credit in these jurisdictions, please complete this form and submit it here.  For credit in other jurisdictions, contact us.


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