July 21, 2021

SFO announces two DPAs for bribery offenses

The UK Serious Fraud Office announced on July 20, 2021, that two Deferred Prosecution Agreements had been approved by the Royal Court of Justice, following hearings on July 7th and 19th, 2021.  Both DPAs involve UK-based companies, and both turn on the same facts.  The SFO has not identified either company, but has confirmed that the charges include offenses contrary to sections 1 and 7 of the Bribery Act 2010, and involve bribes paid to secure multi-million dollar contracts.  According to the SFO, the companies cooperated fully in the investigation, and together will pay financial penalties and disgorgement totaling £2,510,065.  The period of the DPAs is two years.  In its announcement of the DPAs, the SFO noted that they relate only to the companies’ potential criminal liability, not that of employees or agents of the companies; nor do they address the potential civil liability of any person.

SFO news release