June 10, 2022

World Bank debars Vietnamese construction company

On May 24, 2022, the World Bank Group debarred a Vietnamese construction company, NiemTin Company Limited, for engaging in sanctionable practices as defined in the World Bank Sanctions Procedures

Specifically, NiemTin omitted from its joint venture bid on the Vietnam Da Nang Sustainable City Development Project, the company’s intent to subcontract more than 10% of the work to another company in order to obtain a financial benefit.  Such an omission constitutes a fraudulent practice under World Bank guidelines.

NiemTin was credited with limited cooperation during the investigation – the company met with representatives of the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency and provided information, but did not accept responsibility for the misconduct.  The World Bank imposed a minimum 2 year and 10 month disbarment, with release from ineligibility conditioned on NiemTin’s adoption and implementation of compliance measures consistent with the World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines.

NiemTin’s debarment is eligible for cross debarment by other multilateral development banks.

Notice of Uncontested Sanctions