August 26, 2022

OFSI imposes additional sanctions on fifth anniversary of attack against Myanmar Rohingya

On August 25, 2022, the fifth anniversary of the devastating attack on the Rohingya communities in Myanmar, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation added three entities to the UK Sanctions List under The Myanmar (Sanction) Regulation 2022 (SI 2022/496).  As a result of the new sanctions, asset freezes were imposed upon International Gateways Group of Companies, Sky One Construction Company Ltd., and Star Sapphire Group of Companies, three military-linked businesses in Myanmar.  According to OFSI, these entities contributed funds for the Rakhine clearance operations for the benefit of the Myanmar Security Forces, potentially contributing to the group’s serious human right violations and repression of Myanmar civilians.  

According to a United Nations Fact Finding Mission report, on August 25, 2017, Myanmar Armed Forces attacked Rohingya communities living in Rakhine State,  killing 10,000 Rohingya and displacing 740,000 to neighboring Bangladesh. The report cites “grave violations against children,” sexual violence, torture and village burning.  The UK considers the attack to be an act of ethnic cleansing,  and remains committed to holding the group accountable and putting a halt to its brutality.

UK Government Pres Release | OFSI Financial Sanctions Notice