October 16, 2023

OFSI amends general license enabling utility payments by designated persons

The UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation recently amended General License INT/2022/2300292, which was originally granted under 19 Autonomous Sanctions Regulations, to enable persons designated under these sanctions regimes to make payments for gas and electricity supplied to properties that they own or rent in the UK.  The license also allows designated persons to make permitted payments from a frozen UK bank account and enables utility companies to make return payments into frozen accounts.  The general license does not apply to United Nations sanctions programs.

The license was amended on October 13, 2023 to include a definition of a Person and to enable Persons to make permitted payments on behalf or for the benefit of a designated person.  The amendment also eliminates the expiration date and expands the list of UK Autonomous Sanctions Regulations contained in Annex 1 so that the provisions in the license extend to all relevant Regulations.  Designated persons making payments permitted by GL INT/2022/2300292 must still report monthly to HM Treasury, and energy companies must report within 14 days of making a return payment under the license.

General License INT/2022/2300292 | General License INT/2022/2300292 – Publication Notice