July 18, 2023

UK focuses new Russia sanctions on forced deportation of Ukrainian children

On July 17, 2023, the UK Foreign Secretary announced new sanctions against thirteen individuals and one entity.  Eleven of the newly sanctioned individuals are officials involved in the forced deportation of Ukrainian children.  According to the Secretary, over 19,000 Ukrainian children have been sent to Russia or Russian-controlled territory for pro-Russian re-education.  Among those sanctioned are the Russian Minister of Education, the Moscow Region Commissioner for Children’s Rights, and the Artek International Children’s Center, a Federal State Budget Educational Institution.  The new sanctions also target a Russian propagandist, Timofey Sergeitsev, the former director of Russia Today Russian language broadcasting, Anton Vyacheslavovich, and the Russian Minister of Culture, Olga Lyubimova, for their support of anti-Ukrainian policies and incitement of hatred and violence.

The sanctioned persons have been added to the consolidated list, and are subject to an asset freeze and trust services sanctions.

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