Territorial Jurisdiction

French criminal law applies to all offenses committed within the territory of the French Republic, i.e., where at least one of the “constituent elements” of the offense was committed in France.

The assessment of whether an element of an offense was committed in France is fact-specific.

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Irrespective of where the constituent elements of a corruption-related offense occur, French authorities have jurisdiction over an offense committed by an individual or legal entity:

(i)     of French nationality (e.g., a company incorporated in France);

(ii)    “ordinarily residing” in France; or

(iii)   “wholly or partly conducting his or its economic activity” in France.

Jurisdiction based on Complicity

French authorities have jurisdiction over accomplices who:

(i)     aid and abet from France the commission of corruption-related offenses abroad; and

(ii)    aid and abet the commission of an offense in France from abroad.

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