In accordance with Article 263 TFEU, the decisions adopted by the Commission finding infringements of Article 101 TFEU or Article 102 TFEU, or in relation to merger notifications, are subject to legal review.

In the first instance, addressees of the Commission decision in question have the right to apply to the General Court of the European Union (formerly the Court of First Instance) for the decision to be annulled and/or for the amount of the fine imposed by the Commission to be reviewed. The General Court can cancel, increase, or reduce the fine imposed by the Commission.  Grounds of challenge are limited to: lack of competence, infringement of an essential procedural requirement, infringement of the Treaties or any rule of law relating to their application or misuse of powers.

Judgments of the General Court can be appealed to the Court of Justice by the unsuccessful party (including the Commission as an appellant). Appeals to the Court of Justice are limited to questions of law only.

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