Germany uses the EU Consolidated List and does not maintain a separate German list of sanctioned individuals or entities.  The lists of designated individuals and entities for each sanctions program are attached to the relevant EU Council Decisions and implementing regulations providing for restrictive measures.  However, in order to facilitate the application of financial sanctions, the European Banking Federation, the European Savings Banks Group, the European Association of Co-operative Banks, the European Association of Public Banks and the Commission recognized the need for an EU consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to financial sanctions relating to the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.  Therefore, the Credit Sector Federations have set up a database containing the consolidated list for the Commission, which hosts and maintains the database and keeps it up-to-date.  While the list is based on the relevant data of the officially adopted texts published in the Official Journal of the EU, the list is made only to support financial institutions, and therefore only the information published in the Official Journal of the EU is deemed authentic.  The consolidated list is available here.

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