Created in 2018 under the Group of States against Corruption (“GRECO”) of the Council of Europe, the Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (“NCPA”) is an association of anticorruption agencies across the world. It currently counts 29 members. The rotating Presidency was held by the AFA (France) for 2020.

The NCPA aims to promote and improve collection, management and exchange of anticorruption information and best practices between authorities, as well as enhance capacities of member authorities, empower their operational independence and promote international standards.

based on data provided by 171 national authorities from 114 countries and territories who participated in an online survey. 1 In May 2020, in partnership with the GRECO, the OECD and the NCPA, the AFA published an analysis report of the global mapping of anti-corruption authorities

1Global Mapping of Anticorruption Authorities (May 2020), available here.

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