French Code of Criminal Procedure

Law n° 2016-1691 on Transparency, Fight Against Corruption and Economic Modernization, dated December 9, 2016 (the “Sapin II Law”)

Implementing regulations of the Sapin II Law:

The French Anticorruption Agency’s (AFA) Guidelines including:

Scope of Inspections Provided for by Art. 17 of the Sapin II Law / Inspections of Entities Subject to Article 17 of the Sapin II Law – Questionnaire and Documents to Be Provided / Charter of the Rights and Duties of Parties Involved in Inspections / Guidelines on the CJIP / Guidelines on the Implementation of the Judicial Convention of Public Interest (National Financial Prosecution Service (PNF) and AFA) / Guidelines on the AFA’s Control of the Enforcement of Judicial Measures / Guidelines on the Court-Imposed Implementation of an Anticorruption Program (Criminal Penalty)




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