With respect to individuals, Italian courts have jurisdiction over (i) any bribery offense committed by an Italian or foreign citizen on Italian territory (i.e. which occurred through acts/omissions that took place even in part on Italian territory, or when a consequence of the act or omission took place in Italy), and/or (ii) under certain circumstances, bribery offenses committed by Italian or foreign citizens abroad.

With respect to companies, Italian courts have jurisdiction over offenses listed in Decree 231 of 2001 which (i) were committed in the Italian territory (regardless of whether the company that is liable for the offense is incorporated or has establishments in Italy or abroad), and/or (ii) were committed abroad by companies that have their main place of business within Italy, in the event that prosecution is not brought by the authorities of the State where the act is committed, and (where required by the law) a request of the Minister of Justice is also made against the company.

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